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January 26, 2024 Updates

NEW! Mounts
Mounts [E] are now obtainable from Point Shop
– Joker Bike [E] (Per)
– Rainbow Cloud Board [E] (Per)
Mounts can now be crafted
– Cloudy Board (Per) I & II
– Trong Bike (Per) I & II
*I & II mounts differ in move speed

全新! 坐騎
坐騎 [E] 現在可以從P點數商城購買。
–- 小丑摩托 [E](永久)
– 彩虹筋斗雲 [E](永久)
– 筋斗雲 (永久) I 和 II
– Trong 摩托 (永久) I 和 II
I 和 II 的坐騎在移動速度上有所不同。

EVENT! Finest Grindstone & Coating Oil Crafting
– Finest Grindstone Box can now be crafted using Burr and Fine Burr
– Coating Oil Box can be crafted using Protection Potion and Luxury Protection Potion
Event Period: Friday, January 26, 2024 after maintenance to Friday, February 2, 2024, 12:00 AM PHT

活動!極魔石 & 極護貝製作
– 極魔石盒現在可以製作需要材料魔石和異界魔石
– 極護貝盒現在可以製作需要材料護貝和高級護貝
活動期間:2024年1月26日(維護後)至 2024年2月2日,12:00 AM

REVAMPED! Paradise Map
– Drops for mount crafting added

– 增加了用於坐騎製作的材料掉落物品

REVAMPED! Moros Ring of Legend
– Stats obtainable revamp (Attack, Defense, Shooting, Melee, Energy, Vitality, Hit Rate, Evasion)
– Maximum stats increased for reforming & stats obtainable from crafting*
* Stats obtainable from crafting & Drops are higher than stats obtainable from reform, this applies to all items that can be reformed or has stats.

– 屬性獲得改進(攻擊力、防御力、射擊值、格鬥值、氣力值、體力、命中、迴避)
– 提高製造中和改造中獲得的頂屬性 * 製作中有機會獲得的頂屬性比改造中有機會獲得的頂屬性來得高

REVAMPED! Guardian Ring of Legend
– Guardian Ring of Legend has been added to ‘Polluted Earth’ item set effect

– 英雄戒指已加入到 ‘Polluted Earth’ 套裝效果

– 2024 Unofficial Box (NT), compensation from Saturday’s emergency maintenance

– 2024 非官方盒 (無法交易), 補償上個星期六緊急維修