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February 2, 2024 Updates

NEW! NPC Alert: Meet Big Xu for Chinese New Year

To enhance your Chinese New Year Festival experience, we’ve introduced a special NPC, Big Xu, who will be gracing us with his presence until February 23, 00:00 AM PHT maintenance. Find Big Xu at Marketplace 26/19, ready to offer you exclusive items to make your celebration even more memorable.

Special Offerings from Big Xu

Visit Big Xu and treat yourself to some fantastic items available for purchase:

  • CNY Mystery Box: 16,666,888 Gold
  • Finest Range Grindstone Box: 116,666,888 Gold
  • Finest Range Coating Oil Box: 116,666,888 Gold
  • Safeguard Rosary Random Box: 66,666,888 Gold

Unlock the CNY Mystery Box:

Don’t miss out on the chance to open the CNY Mystery Box using the CNY Mystery Key, which you can farm from maps where the Gold Mystery Key is available.

What’s Inside the CNY Mystery Box

  • Ultima Fornacis Weapon Box (31D)
  • Blessed Paper (15D) (5P) Gift Box
  • Gender Change Card
  • Name Change Card
  • Wrapper
  • Reform Set
  • Mount Choice of Box [E]
  • Hair Style Card
  • Hair Color Card
  • Gold Mystery Box (5P)
  • Blessed Paper (7D)
  • Premium Entry Ticket (6H) Box
  • Wombo Combo Accessory Set
  • PET Feed Random Box (Gold)
  • Random Inventory Expansion Box (Gold)
  • Random Oblivion E Box (Gold)
  • Random Tarot Card Pack IV Box
  • Safeguard Rosary Random Box

Remember, Big Xu and his offerings are available for a limited time only. Make the most of this festive season and grab these exclusive items before he bids farewell on February 23.

NEW! Restricted In-Game Terms

To enhance the security and protect our community from potential scams, we’ve implemented a restriction on certain in-game terms. The words ‘RAN,’ ‘GLOBAL,’ and ‘SERVICE‘ are now banned within the game. This measure is in place to prevent scammers from exploiting these terms to impersonate Admins.

FIX! Guardian Ring of Legend

We’ve just addressed a minor glitch concerning the Guardian Ring of Legend. It will now accurately showcase the ‘Polluted Earth’ Set Item Effect as intended.

RE-ENABLED! Guild Alliance Function

For the duration of the Guild Domination event, the Guild Alliance function was temporarily disabled to ensure a fair and competitive environment. Now that the event has concluded, alliances can once again be formed to strengthen the bonds between guilds.

FIX! Character Private Information

We’ve swiftly addressed an issue regarding Character Private Information where some players were able to hide their player details. The Character Private Information feature has been rectified, ensuring that all player details are now visible as intended.

REMOVED! Farewell to Santa Sally

Santa Sally has been removed from the Marketplace. We hope you enjoyed the holiday gifts she brought during this cheerful season.

REMOVED! Coating Oil & Grindstone Box Removed from Crafting

As the Crafting Event has concluded, we’ve made a quick adjustment to the crafting system. Coating Oil and Grindstone Box are now removed from the crafting options.


The 300% Bonus Time Gauge (BTG) is still in full swing, giving you an extra boost in your leveling!

新新新! NPC注意!:與大徐一起過年

為了增添您的農曆新年慶祝體驗,我們特別引入了一位特殊NPC,名為「大徐」,他將在直到2月23日,00:00 AM PHT維護時間之前與我們共度時光。您可以在26/19廣場找到大徐,他將為您提供獨家物品,使您的慶祝更加難忘。


  • 農曆新年神秘禮盒:16,666,888 遊戲幣
  • 隨機極魔石盒:116,666,888 遊戲幣
  • 隨機極護貝盒:116,666,888 遊戲幣
  • 隨機防爆項鏈盒:66,666,888 遊戲幣




  • 冰藍武器貼紙選擇盒 (31D)
  • 能力注入紙 (15D)(5P)
  • 性別變更卡
  • 改名卡
  • 改造組合
  • 坐騎選擇盒
  • 髮型卡
  • 髮色卡
  • 神秘金寶箱 (5P)
  • 能力注入紙 (7D)
  • 聖財團私人機場入場券盒 (6H)
  • 旺博練功經驗飾品組合
  • 隨機寵物飼料盒 (金)
  • 隨機背包礦充卡盒 (金)
  • 隨機忘卻藥水E盒 (金)
  • 隨機塔羅牌IV盒
  • 隨機防爆項鏈盒





我們剛剛解決了有關英雄戒指的一個小錯誤。現在,它將正確展示預期的「Polluted Earth」套裝物品效果。









額外加成!300% BTG

300% BTG 仍然如火如荼,為您的升級提供額外的助力!