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March 18, 2024 Updates

Server Maintenance and Upkeep

Implemented routine maintenance to ensure optimal server performance and stability. Various backend optimizations and bug fixes have been applied to enhance the overall player experience.

New Costumes

Freshen up your look with our latest costume additions! Explore a variety of stylish options to express your unique style in-game.

Froststeel Guardian Costume

Enchanting Ebony Costume

Royal Ebony and Ivory Drapery Belt Costume

Weekend Sales Conclusion

The weekend sales event has concluded. We hope you managed to grab some fantastic deals!

Gameplay Adjustment

Bonus Time Gauge (BTG) has been reset to 200%, down from 300%. Keep an eye on your gauge as you play to maximize your experience!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and events in the near future!