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April 26, 2024 Updates

FIXED Codex File Reloaded

We’ve revamped the Codex file system, enhancing its functionality and user interface for a more seamless browsing experience.

FIXED Big Xu [A] Weapon Exchange

The long-awaited fix for the Big Xu [A] Weapon Exchange issue has been implemented. Players can now successfully exchange their weapons without encountering any glitches or errors. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Continued 300% BTG

The 300% BTG (Bonus Time Gauge) is here to stay! Take advantage of this ongoing bonus to level up your character faster.

No Weekend Sale

Please be advised that there will be no weekend sale events during this patch cycle. Stay tuned for future promotions and special offers.


We’re thrilled to announce exciting updates to our VIP system! Firstly, we’re introducing the VIP Platinum Card, granting our VIP members access to an array of exclusive privileges and benefits.

Additionally, we’ve made some adjustments to the pricing of VIP Badges to ensure fairness and accessibility for all players. As part of this change, players who previously purchased badges at the previous price will receive a refund for the price difference, ensuring everyone benefits equally from these updates.

FIXED Z Weapon Quest

We’re pleased to announce that the issue with the Z Weapon quest has been resolved. However, for players who are still experiencing problems with their quest, we understand your frustration, and we’re here to help. Your quest will need to be reset to ensure it functions properly. Simply approach any staff member and request a reset, and we’ll ensure your quest is back on track for an optimal gaming experience.

FIXED Mr. Egg Item Exchange

We’re delighted to announce that the Mr. Egg Item Exchange feature has been successfully fixed, resolving any issues that players may have encountered. Additionally, we’ve addressed a game text error in the Daily Quest description and corrected NPC dialogue text errors. These fixes ensure a smoother and more accurate gaming experience for all players.

Easter Egg Box I

Exchange for 1 Easter Egg

  • 10 Reform Card

Easter Egg Box II

Exchange for 5 Easter Egg

  • 5 Purple Elixir (Att+Shoot)
  • 5 Red Elixir (Att+Melee)
  • 5 Blue Elixir (Att+Energy)
  • 5 Green Elixir (Att+Eva)
  • 5 Yellow Elixir (Att+Accu)

Easter Egg Box III

Exchange for 7 Easter Egg

  • Buddy Teleport Card [7D]
  • Taxi Card (7D)
  • Bone Resurrection String (Lv195~)[7D]

Easter Egg Box IV

Exchange for 14 Easter Egg

  • Family Trip Airship (30D)
  • Locker Rental Card [7D]

Easter Egg Box V

Exchange for 15 Easter Egg

  • Pet Skill Random Box
  • Blessed Paper (7D) Box (5P)

Easter Egg Box VI

Exchange for 16 Easter Egg

  • Easter Bunny Costume (30D) Box
  • Safeguard Ro

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our game. We’re committed to delivering the best possible gaming experience, and your feedback helps us improve. Happy gaming!