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Rise And Rise Until

January 19, 2024

Removed Unnecessary item from drop list

– Crab’s Claw

#從掉落列表中移除了不必要的物品 – 蟹腳 #Pvp Package (15D)

– Travel Card (15D) has been removed – Buddy Teleport Card (15D) has been added – All players who had Travel Card (15D) has been changed to a Buddy Teleport Card (15D)

#戰鬥配套 (15D)

– 旅行卡 (15D) 已移除 – 好友傳送卡 (15D) 已添加 – 所有擁有「旅行卡(15天)」的玩家已更改為「傳送傳送卡(15天)」。

#Madam Valor

– Removed from autospawn to avoid Ch 1 from getting Madam Valor spawn – It will now automatically summon on the platform Ch 0 only


– 移除自動召喚,以避免在1線出現 – 它會在自動在0線召喚

+ Upcoming updates

– Item Revamp

– Skill Balancing

– Crafting and many more….

+ 未來更新

– 物品改版

– 技能平衡

– 製作以及許多其他…


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