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June 21, 2024 Updates

Discover the power of Cedric the Conqueror’s Shop with our new Contri Currency system! Accumulate contribution points and use them to purchase exclusive items.

  • Luxury Fanatic Ring
  • Luxury Poisoner’s Ring
  • Set Item Effect: The set item effect will be available once the complete contribution accessory set is released. Get ready to experience enhanced benefits and powerful boosts!
  • Revamped Stats and Requirements: We’ve revamped the stats and requirements for these items to ensure they offer the best performance and value.
  • Contri Currency Usage: When you purchase items from the Contri tab, your contribution points will be used as currency. This means your contribution points will be deducted accordingly.

Don’t miss out on these luxurious items and take advantage of your hard-earned contribution points today!

Exciting news awaits during the School Masters Challenge event mini-challenges—you can now earn exclusive Mystery Costume and Mount rewards! These elusive items promise to enhance your character’s style and mobility, adding a touch of mystery and excitement to your adventures.

Prepare yourself for the SMC mini-challenges and seize the opportunity to claim these coveted rewards. For more details on how to participate and earn these thrilling additions to your collection, check out the full announcement of the events via our Discord channel. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on the excitement!

Get ready to level up like never before! The Bonus Time Gauge (BTG) has been supercharged to an exhilarating 300%! During bonus periods, you’ll enjoy significantly increased experience gains, making your adventures more rewarding and thrilling. This is the perfect opportunity to advance your character and achieve new heights in the game.

It’s time to treat yourself to our Weekend Sale! Enjoy incredible discounts and special offers on a wide range of items. Whether you’re upgrading your gear, expanding your collection, or looking for something new, we’ve got you covered.