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June 1, 2024 Updates

Server System Upkeep

We’ve conducted thorough maintenance on our server systems to ensure optimal performance and stability. These measures are crucial for providing you with a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Gameplay Adjustments

Valor Earrings Upgrade

Brace yourself for a game-changer! Valor Earrings can now obtain up to 5 stats, enhancing your character’s power and versatility.

Boosted Bonus Time Gauge (BTG)

Get ready to level up like never before! The Bonus Time Gauge (BTG) has been supercharged to an exhilarating 300%! During bonus periods, you’ll enjoy significantly increased experience gains, making your adventures more rewarding and thrilling. This is the perfect opportunity to advance your character and achieve new heights in the game.

Bug Fix

We’ve addressed some persistent bugs, including resolving the Crusador Top Costume issue for Female Gunners. Enjoy a seamlessly improved gameplay experience!

New VIP Monthly Reward Box

Exclusive perks await our esteemed VIP members! Depending on your tier, indulge in a variety of premium rewards:


100 Reform, 15 Sealed, and 5 Triple Cards.


120 Reform, 100 Sealed, and 10 Triple Sealed Cards.


Unlock the ultimate rewards with 200 Reform, 100 Sealed, 30 Triple Sealed cards, and a bonus BP 15D!


It’s time to level up your gaming experience with our exclusive Mid-Year Sale event! Incredible deals and exciting offers on a wide range of in-game items.